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Becoming PRC Sales Recruitment

At PRC Sales Recruitment we specialize in B2B sales. We decided to specialize in January 2018, our mission is to offer a service that our clients automatically associate with excellence in recruitment. When they have an open vacancy or want to expand into different markets, we don’t want them to think, ‘recruitment agency,’ we want them to want ‘PRC.’

Over the coming months we’ll share some of our insights into the market with you. Among other things we will talk about relationships with clients and candidates, companies expanding into the Irish market and of course the dreaded ‘B’ word: Brexit and what it could mean for the recruitment industry.

In the meantime, here is a little more about us, why we chose sales recruitment and about the PRC way of doing things.

How We Found Our Niche

If you didn’t know already, we specialize in B2B sales recruitment. Why B2B? Why specialize? Well, in short, we saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled: there aren’t many companies specializing in B2B sales. We also felt we could do a better job than those who were. We stepped in and decided to focus on being the best in one field instead of being adequate in many.

This way we don’t worry about the next big thing or which markets are about to boom. We only concern ourselves with being the experts in B2B sales recruitment. So, when our clients are expanding or need a sales position filled, they come straight to us. They think PRC.

Brand Awareness and Thinking PRC

That’s a bold statement isn’t it? ‘They think PRC.’ But it’s the level of brand awareness we are aiming for. So, what is brand awareness? Well, it’s going for a Starbucks instead of a coffee, it’s needing a new I Phone, not a new phone. When your customers recognize your name and service as the thing they desire, you’ve reached a level of brand awareness that separates you from the competition

And that’s what we’re all about, providing a tailored and personalized service that makes us stand out.

The Personal Touch

It sounds like a cliché but to stand out, to have clients think of our name as synonymous with recruitment excellence, we must go the extra mile. At PRC we strive to build working relationships with all the key stakeholders within our clients’ companies. From the MD or CEO to the hiring manager.

Firstly, we want to know what the culture of the organization is all about. We don’t just ask for a job spec. We work with the hiring manager to build a picture of the candidate that will be the right fit for the company and not just the role.

The same goes for our candidates. We meet them multiple times, educate and prepare them. We want to know them and understand their motivations beyond the obvious world of salary expectations. These may sound like simple and obvious things to do, but you’d be amazed at how few, if any other recruiters communicate with their candidates and clients to this level.

Honest Communication

Both our clients and candidates appreciate our frank and honest approach. We recently had a client who wanted ten different candidates to interview for an open position. We didn’t just appease her though. Instead, we asked why? If you want that many you don’t need us, you can post the opening online and see what comes in.

We helped our client realize this approach would result in finding herself being forced to choose one candidate based on being better than the others instead of wanting to hire one of the two or three we would deliver. In other words, she would have been settling instead of choosing. There’s a big difference between the two!

When it comes to getting the right person for the right role, honest yet respectful communication is key. It makes all the difference in helping clients and candidates understand that what they desire may not always be what they need.

This is how, at PRC, we are striving to become synonymous with excellence in recruitment. It is how we our building our brand awareness to a level where, when our clients need a position filled or when a top sales executive needs a fresh challenge, they don’t think recruitment agency, they think PRC.


We don’t want to leave it there. If you’ve had a great recruitment experience recently or have thoughts on how to build brand awareness, especially in recruitment, please share it with us in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading.

October 1, 2019