Coronavirus, Recruitment and 2021

Coronavirus, Recruitment and 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly forcing businesses across every industry around the world to adapt. Changes that may once have taken months to roll out are now being implemented in a matter of weeks. Recruitment is no exception to this. It is not an industry that stands alone. It ebbs and flows with the growth and decline of every market, in every industry. Whether you are an in-house recruiter or are an agency recruiter, 2020 has created a paradigm shift in the way we recruit.

The Jobs Market
2020 saw huge pandemic-related changes in the jobs market with industries such as tourism, food and entertainment hit particularly hard. On the other hand, supermarkets, IT and online order companies have seen rapid growth. For example, Amazon™ hired almost 400,000 new employees globally and in Ireland, opportunities in IT Support Services rose by 140%.

Hiring Needs
The hiring needs of many industries have changed as well. As working from home and social distancing came into effect, those still able to recruit, saw a ‘virtual revolution’ change in how they operate. Video conferencing technology is the most obvious example, with Zoom™ seeing growth of over 300% in 2020. Increasingly, companies have started to embrace such technologies as a permanent solution to doing business now and beyond the pandemic. This means that recruiters, candidates and clients alike are no longer restricted by physical location when it comes to their hiring needs.

Recruitment in 2021: It’s more than just an interview!
As we move into 2021, the pandemic has created a paradigm shift in the way we recruit. The reluctance that clients may once have had to working from home or to not meeting a candidate face-to-face is giving way to embracing the technology at hand in order to survive and thrive.
But there is so much more to this than merely replacing the traditional interview with a virtual one. For example, with so much competition out there, more and more candidates are applying for any job they can, without properly reading the traditional job spec.

The truth is, reading so many job specs can be time-consuming for our candidates. With the right technology, this aspect of the hiring process can be enhanced with a quick video posted on a platform such as Linkedin™. This makes the job spec more engaging and helps it reach a wider audience quickly. In a world currently changed by physical isolation and social distancing, it adds a personal touch to what can be an impersonal experience for client and candidate alike.

The hiring process can then be enhanced even further. Once a potentially successful candidate has been selected, new video technologies designed especially for the recruitment industry can be utilized. For example, they allow candidates to record themselves answering questions in a mini ‘pre-interview,’ improving the way recruiters meet and coach candidates before sending them to clients for a ‘virtual’ interview.
Throughout 2021, this kind of technology will help the recruitment industry adapt and ultimately improve in the world that the pandemic has created. With vaccine role out creating an end in sight to the pandemic and slowly increasing optimism in the jobs market, those who have embraced this paradigm shift in recruitment will be ready for the future.

We don’t want to leave it there. Maybe you have a great story about overcoming the challenges of recruiting or doing business during the pandemic or just want to share your thoughts, please do so in the comments section below.
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